Subscription Install

Our subscription install includes everything you need to get your business online and processing renewal orders. You will need a domain name, web host, SSL certificate, credit card processor, merchant account, and content. If you do not have these, don’t worry – we can help.

This is merely a guide of what to expect. Every project is unique, and as such, subject to change.

Subscription Install: approx. $1500, 10-15 day build
Domain Name Server (DNS) Setup
we make sure goes to your website when someone clicks a link
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate Setup
we install an SSL certificate to encrypt data sent to the server allowing for online payment
WordPress Installation
we install WordPress and set up a “coming soon” page
WooCommerce Installation
we install the e-commerce plugin WooCommerce – adding store, cart, checkout,
and my account functionality
WooSubscriptions Installation
we install the WooCommerce extension WooSubscriptions – adding renewal order and billing functionality
Payment Gateway Installation
we install the Payment Gateway of your choosing and link it to your credit card processor
Staging Site Creation (WordPress, WooCommerce Installation)
we create a staging site for development/testing with a different link (i.e.
WordPress/WooCommerce Theme Configuration
we install the WordPress/WooCommerce theme of your choosing and configure it as needed
Custom Styling Work (Branding)
we write custom CSS to help style the theme to better suit your brand
Initial Content Upload
we create your initial menus, upload logos, images, and add other content as pertinent
MonsterInsights Installation – Google Analytics Plugin
we install MonsterInsights and link it to your Google Analytics account
Yoast Installation – SEO Plugin
we install Yoast for SEO concerns like meta titles and descriptions
we show you how to use your theme along with WordPress/WooCommerce/WooSubscriptions, and how to alter and add content on your own

Note: Don’t worry if you are unfamiliar with the terms or process mentioned above. When we talk, we will make everything clear. It is not as complicated as it sounds.


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