Why WordPress?

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) used by millions of individuals, businesses, and organizations world wide – 29% of the web*.

But what is a content management system? In its simplest form, it is a tool to make organizing your site, storing your pictures, and editing both as easy as possible. Take a look at the picture below. Note the black column to the left. See “Posts, Media, Pages, Comments, etc.” Within these modules (sections) are simple interfaces that walk you through adding and editing site content.

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Further down the column see “Plugins.” WordPress plugins make it easy to add more complex functionality to your site by simply installing software. This is great because we can rely on plugins like Yoast to take care of our SEO** concerns and WooCommerce to add e-commerce features like a shop, cart and checkout page.

We use WordPress because it makes getting online faster and more efficient. We get to spend more time making the site look and behave exactly how you want, because we can rely on WordPress and the various plugins we use to do some of the heavy lifting.

For a deeper dive into why WordPress, see WordPress Features.

Others using WordPress include Katy Perry, The Obama FoundationThe Walt Disney CompanyAnderson Cooper 360, and Angry Birds.

*According to WordPress
**Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


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